Friday, June 9, 2006

Quick Memo to The Colbert Report

Some quick comments for my pals at The Colbert Report:

1.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a ticket.  You guys are totally organized and actually giving me a ticket for, like, the one day I could go was really terrific.

2.  I totally *heart* Stephen Colbert. 

3.  Now that I've seen the show taped, I totally *heart* him more.

4.  But not in a stalking sort of way or anything.

5.  And it was really nice of you to provide that awning over the alley where we have to wait.

6.  Although it might be even nicer if the awning were actually, y'know, waterproof.  I'm just sayin.

7.  ('cause, y'know, record rains and all)

8.  And your audience warm-up guy is really, really funny.  After 15 minutes, we were ready to laugh at anything.

9.  Except the lame jokes he tried to tell when he ran out of material. 

10.  I mean, the whole "Dating Game" thing was funny in concept, but asking the guys "What's your shoe size?" stops being funny after, oh, the first guy.

11.  So, like, get the warm-up guy some more material, or just let us sit there in silence for ten minutes before he comes out. 

12.  'Cause we were kinda dead by the time Stephen came out.

13.  Good thing Stephen was so damn funny.

14.  Did I mention the 'I *heart* Stephen Colbert' thing?


hewasolddog299 said...

As your elevator operator I am duty-bound to inform you,

"Clean Undies, fifth floor."

rwdykt said...

My boyfriend looks a little bit like Stephen Colbert.  Hee hee.