Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Someone Cute and Furry Missed Me

When I got home, my comforter was not on my bed.  This was because it was in my neighbor's washing machine.  My neighbor, who was keeping an eye on my cat, has a large-capacity washer.  Which she lets me borrow whenever Jasmine barfs on the comforter.  Which she does sometimes.  Especially when she misses me.  I was gone for a couple weeks.  You do the math.  (My neighbor said that she'd just spot-cleaned the comforter the first time, figuring she'd save up the actual washing for the day I got back.  Y'know, so she wouldn't have to wash it twice.  She's a smart neighbor.)

I've been back for two nights, and, on both nights, Jasmine slept on my bed.  She normally doesn't do this -- I'm not positive about it, but I think she usually sleeps curled up in a ball on a chair in the computer room.  (The rather fur-covered chair I happen to be sitting on right now.)  But since I've been back, I've rarely been in a room without her being in it with me -- and that includes curling up on my bed at night.  She isn't often a cuddling cat -- it's still a treat whenever she sits on my lap -- but she does like sitting in the same room.  It's like she's confirming I'm still there.  Kitten love -- from a distance.


annalisa135 said...

a big welcome home.  :-))  i've been reading about your adventures.  sounds like overall you had a wonderful trip, as usual.  the purry princess missed her mama sooooo much!  she's going to be following you around for awhile til she is sure you're really home, and then you'll be ready for another trip.  LOL!!!

hewasolddog299 said...

I was with you, dearie, up til you went off the deep end with "kitten love"... TDC* is going on three years old and hasn't been what could be described as a kitten for many moons (or barfs, if you prefer).

*TDC = The Damn Cat, that darn cat, the dingy cat, etc.

Welcome home again, weary traveler.

helmswondermom said...

That is so sweet!  She just wants to be near you.  (What a nice neighbor you have, too!)