Friday, August 31, 2007

And how was Disneyland anyway?

Disneyland was great.  OK, yeah, hot as hell (except when I was hoping my clothes would dry), but attendance was pretty low.  Lines were short, people were having fun -- and, with proper use of the FastPass system I kept myself out of long hot lines all morning.

I started off with a ten minute line at Buzz Lightyear Astro-Blasters.  I dig Buzz Lightyear Astro-Blasters.  It's sorta like a point and shoot video game, although you're riding in your little vehicle through the area with all the targets.  (You aren't necessarily shooting moving targets, but since you're moving, the net result is the same.)  I've never scored over 100,000 on the game.  OK, there was this one time that the ride stopped while I was in it, but the targets kept functioning, so I kept shooting until my score hit over a million and rolled over back to zero.  But, other than that, I've never crossed 100,000.

So, at Disneyland, I hit 91,900 on my first ride.  They have photos for free at the end with your score on them, but my photo didn't turn out so I don't have photographic evidence of this.

I thought maybe I should have a do-over and see if I couldn't hit 100,000.  Came out a bit worse -- but at least I got the photo.

Well, poop.

When I got out, the line was only 5 minutes, so I thought I'd give myself one last try.

Partway during the ride, it temporarily stopped.  I kept shooting things, but I kept an eye on my score.  While the ride was stopped, I racked up about 20,000 points.

Which led to this final score photo:

Close enough!

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