Monday, August 27, 2007

I Bet Some of You Already Knew This

I was amazingly ticked off today.  Amazingly.  Really, really ticked off.  Things with the condo kinda exploded in a big, huge way.  It is conceivable that this will turn out to have been a good thing, in that a lot of stuff got aired and maybe progress will be made.  But, for most of today, there was a surprisingly large list of people I was really annoyed at.

Or, as I put it when I walked into the office, "OK, who is going to be on the receiving end of my wrath today?"

Now, there was a part of today when I was too pissed to work.  I couldn't focus on my work because I was so steamed at the latest email I'd received, or taking time to post my reply, or checking my email awaiting what damn well should have been an apology in reply to my own brilliant missive.

But once the too-pissed-to-work passed, I was actually really good at the whole throwing-myself-into-my-work thing.  (And it wasn't even the part of my work where I get to point out to idiots exactly why they're being idiots -- a part of my job I quite enjoy under any circumstances).  This was just standard research stuff.  And I was so into it, I actually went and looked something up around 6:30, rather than just giving up and going home.

And then ... when I got home ... I sat down at the computer and started on something I should've done back in April, and I've just been dreading it.  But I spent about 3 hours doing it, and I was so focused on getting it done (and listening to Wife-Swap in the background -- I may have to rethink participating in "Talk Like A Pirate Day" after that one) that I completely ignored my general pissed-off-itude.  Time just flew by.

Damn.  I hate that I'm more productive when I'm angry.

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