Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Modest Proposal

OK, so Nicole Richie gets sentenced to jail for 4 days and she gets released in 82 minutes due to jail overcrowding.  Doesn't even see the inside of a cell.

Fine.  I understand that overcrowding requires them to release people with short misdemeanor sentences in an insanely short period of time.

(The reason, by the way, is because the jails are full of people waiting for trial on felonies.  Once they've been convicted, they go to prison.  Prison and jail -- not the same thing.)

ANYWAY, here's my thinking.  If you're going to have to let them out of jail in a number of minutes, that's fine.  But let's make sure that time is memorable.  I say, if you can't make them stay overnight, at least make them stay long enough to have to use the bathroom once.  That's right.  Do your business on a public crapper (of questionable cleanliness) with every misdemeanant and pretrial detainee in your dorm looking on, use your ration of toilet paper and jail issue soap, and then you can leave.

It'd be a little more humiliating than posing for the mugshot, no?

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