Friday, August 17, 2007

Home Electronics Update

I *should* be able to get the PCTV to Go thing to work correctly.  I emailed Pinnacle support (just as Wil suggested, although I'd already done it) and they (finally) emailed me directions for what appears to be a firmware update that will fix the problem.

I have uncharacteristic faith that it actually will fix the problem, because when I googled the name of the file they told me to download, I picked up some message boards where people experiencing the very same problem were given the very same advice and they said it immediately worked.  Interestingly enough, these folks were also experiencing another problem with remotely controlling their DVRs, which I am experiencing too, but did not report to customer service.  (Pressing the "A" button works, but doesn't do what "A" is supposed to do.  This is apparently because it is reading "A" as "C.")  So, yes, it looks like customer service may have actually given me the correct fix first time out.  If they have done so, it will have been a first in my dealings with email support folk.

(Not only that, but the people on the message board seem to have discovered a work-around for the problem -- so if the download doesn't work, I can just use the tinfoil and rubber cement version.)

Meantime, when I came home from work last night, I noticed my Roomba was missing.  I'd left it cleaning the bedroom when I left in the morning, and it was not parked in its little docking station like it should be.

Where did it go?

It couldn't have gotten far.

Checked all over the floor and ultimately discovered it hiding under my bed, where it had managed to wedge itself under the bed frame.  Poor little thing was blinking its red "help me" light.  Once I dislodged it, it sang its pitiful "battery low, please recharge me" song.  Poor widdle thing.

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hewasolddog299 said...

Bad enough the anthropomorphizing of the pets -- now comes the pet robots, too?

Hope it all works out to your satisfaction. There's a lot of reasons I have stepped back from the bleeding edge and quit the Early Adopters Club. Aggravation is one. Annoyance and poverty are others...