Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So good and so, so bad.

First, some unfinished business.   zcatzmeow1 asks why you can't use ammonia to clean the litter box.  Y'know, I'm not too sure.  I googled it but couldn't find confirmation of it.  What I'd heard (somewhere) was that cat urine has ammonia in it (that part is true) so that it isn't such a hot idea to put that scent in the cat box, as the cat might then refuse to go there thinking it is someone else's box.  Like I said, I can't find confirmation of it, so I might just be making stuff up.

Onward then.

In the continuing progress of Project Buy Happiness, I ponied up the $35 for the third DVD of Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff that I managed to watch the first two-thirds of, without realizing there was a third DVD available.

It had four episodes on it.  First one was great.  I mean really great.  Probably the best of the series.  Very pleased with it.  Felt good about my $35 investment in happiness.

Second episode was pretty solid, too.  Not, y'know, outstandingly great, but quality.  No problems there.

Sat down last night to watch the last two (sort of a two-parter for the season finale).  First half was again very good.  Inches away from being awesome.  Quite satisfactory.  Moments of greatness.

Around this point, I was thinking that, as a courtesy to anyone who might be interested ... and who happens to have BBC America ... I'd sort of journal a little Torchwood primer.  I mean, it is a spinoff, and while it stands quite well on its own (and may appeal to a broader audience than Doctor Who), it wouldn't kill you to know a few things going in.

And then I watched the season finale.  Great build up.  You know, one of those very-bad-things-are-happening-but-something-outrageously-worse-is-going-to-happen-real-soon sorts of things, where you then get to watch your heroes get out of an impossibly bad situation.  (Or leave them there cliffhanger-style until season two starts up.)

And then the outrageously worse thing actually happened.

And I laughed.

Honest to goodness laughter.  I mean, it was such an astonishingly, stunningly, laughably bad way to go.  I damn near took the DVD out of my machine to make sure I was watching the right show.  I certainly had to take a moment to say, "Oh you did not just" at the television.

I can't exactly say the show jumped the shark -- as it was never really steadily behind the shark to start with -- but, at the same time, I can't remember any other time that I've watched a television program go so badly off track (and in such a big way, too).

So, now, I'm still sorta recommending you watch Torchwood.  Just, y'know, be prepared to be gobsmacked by phenomenal script misfire of the season finale.

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