Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Peep Show is Over!

On Friday, the contractor, in a gesture of goodwill, put the vertical blinds back up over my sliding glass door.

See, when the contractor made the holes in my ceiling (to clean out the mold and find the cause of the leaks), he set up a "containment zone" (read: big area sectioned off with floor to ceiling plastic sheeting) around half my living room.  Including a small corner of my sliding glass door.  And, in order to make the zone completely contained (which was necessary when they were cleaning the mold out), the removed my vertical blinds so they could tape the plastic to the glass door.

Which was all well and good when this process was supposed to last a week or two.

We're into the fourth month now -- during which time my vertical blinds have been camped out on my floor, and nothing has been covering the sliding glass door.

This has wreaked havoc with my electric bill, as the air conditioner has to work extra hard to keep the room cool when there's big east-facing glass panels with nothing covering them.

Also, I've been flashing the neighbors. 

For the first couple weeks, I'd cover myself up when running across the hall to get to the shower.  (Yes, I use the guest shower rather than the one in the master bathroom.  I remodelled the guest bathroom and the shower in there has them body spray jets.)  After awhile, it just became too much trouble -- so I'd just streak across the hallway.

I figure if anyone went to the trouble of training some sort of observational device on my window, such that they'd look in, through the living room and down the hall, for the few seconds that I'd be visible flying across the hallway au naturel -- hey, they're welcome to the view.

But on Friday, the contractor dropped by, visiting each unit, and discussing with us what still has to be done.  He still can't put my ceiling back together as they haven't stopped the leaking yet.  But I asked if he could at least put the blinds back up, and he obliged, right then and there.

Sorry, Pasadena. 

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hewasolddog299 said...

So that's what Jay Leno meant by 'the full moon over Pasadena has been extinguished,'  eh?