Friday, December 19, 2008


Currently watching last week's episode of "House." (Thank you, USA, for those reruns, seeing as I have no DVR or VCR at this apartment.) I'm only half watching it, because I'm doing some work at the same time.

The Joseph Bell reference was cute enough, but Wilson's rambling story on Irene Adler being the one that got away? I just jerked my head up and started laughing out loud.

I do appreciate how nicely they're playing up the Sherlock Holmes references -- especially since they made absolutely no mention in the first season. I realize I'm overthinking this, but I can't help but wonder if Wilson was knowingly making a Sherlock Holmes reference (which apparently went right over the heads of House's team), or if Wilson was just randomly picking a name (and it was only the writers that were throwing in the reference). Either way: freakin' hilarious.

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