Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OK, nobody remind me of anyone I forgot

Every night for the past, oh, two weeks or so, has been at least partially spent in the following endeavor:

1. Look at holiday shopping list.
2. Randomly select a name on it.
3. Check to see if they have an Amazon wishlist.
4. Upon discovering that they don't, randomly search Amazon until a good gift idea strikes.
5. Purchase said gift.
6. Feel really good about knocking another name off the list until...
7. Remember another name that wasn't on the list, but should have been.

I've been pretty much treading water on the shopping -- always countering progress with the addition of someone else. Well, enough of that. Tonight, I bought five more gifts. I've only got one name left (and that should be do-able -- tomorrow). Holiday shopping officially nearly finished. Yay.

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