Monday, December 8, 2008

Convo with MCI

The highlight of my call with MCI went something like this:

"I cancelled my service as of November 6, and you've billed me for service through the 20th."

"Yes, Ma'am. We bill for a full month of service."

"So you're saying that you billed me for two weeks that I didn't have the service??"

"That's correct, Ma'am."

"And this seems right to you? To bill for time I didn't have your service?"


"All right. Whatever. Just as long as I never get another bill from you again."

"Yes, Ma'am. This is your last bill."

"OK. Thanks."

"May I ask you why you're leaving MCI?"



cw2smom said...

Geez. They had to ask that? Too funny!

Reneem1954 said...

I have the same problem from our carriers when we moved. There ought to be some law about them charging for service not used. What a rip off!