Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh ... Poop

Today, one of my coworkers gave me a holiday present.

And I thought, "oh crap, I don't have a present for her."

And I thought, "I should have a present for her. We definitely exchange gifts for the holidays. How could I possibly have omitted her from my list?"

Didn't have my list on me, though.

Went online. Went through my Amazon purchases ... nope, nothing for her.


Spent about an hour online ordering emergency presents for her. ("Shit! What do I buy? What do I buy?") Finally found something. I'll get it on the 24th. Not ideal; but, hey, it's a present.

Came home. Looked at handwritten shopping list.

She's on it. There's a gift written next to it. Which I had purchased from an online merchant other than Amazon. (Which is to say, I'd had a brilliant idea of a gift for her, and had actually hunted it down and found it.) On December 15th! But I don't have the gift yet.

Checked the order status online and it said, "paid." Yeah, I know I paid for it. On the 15th. Where's the damn gift?

Sigh. Purchased two presents for her and the first one (the right one) will probably come too late anyway. So I either give her the last-minute, not-so-perfect-for-her present (and then save the perfect one for what? next year? I can't even remember a week ago; what makes me think I'll remember a whole year?), or give her the perfect one late, and she'll think I didn't buy it until after she gave me a present. Which is so not true.


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Reneem1954 said...

If the first one you ordered comes in time I would give it to her and explain it came in late. She will understand. I would give her both. She would feel like you made great efforts in geting her a present. She will understand about the mail.