Wednesday, December 10, 2008

U can do better

Got a phishing email today from someone claiming to be the IRS.

Actually, they're claiming to be "Internal Revenue Service Inc.," as though an agency of the federal government is incorporated.

That was probably the first thing that tipped me off that it was fake. Well, besides the fact that the IRS would have no reason to email me. Or to email me about a refund. And certainly not to email me about a refund under section 501(c)(3) -- because, last I checked, I am not a registered non-profit organization.

But the bit that cracked me up was the sentence that began, "If u don't receive your refund within 6 business days..."

I don't know what's funnier -- that they think "u" is now acceptable in formal writing, or that they think the IRS would promise anything in six business days.


cw2smom said...

LOL! Yeah..and the sad thing is, they've got people stupid enough to respond to something like that, so they keep trying. (my verification word seems an appropriate name for those phishing types-peckwper!)

Reneem1954 said...

LOL I have received many of thse(different kinds)lately. I love the one I got recently from supposingly Wells Fargo. It said it suspended my account and I need to verify. I haven't had an acount with them for 2 years and it was for a loan not my bank account. I love reporting these. LOL