Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pure schadenfreude

A few days ago, I left the office to grab some lunch. (It was lunchtime. It seemed reasonable.) I walked over to the crosswalk. There was a dude already waiting at the crosswalk. I assumed he'd already pressed the little button, so I just stood there, waiting for the light to change.

A woman walks up. Waits with us for about 3 seconds. Starts to cross against the light.

She gets about two-thirds of the way across the crosswalk when we hear, over a bullhorn, "Ma'am, you're going to have to come over here."

A motorcycle cop -- he'd been parked just inside a parking structure on the other side of the street. In total plain view, although I'd failed to see him. Clearly, the woman had, too.

She keeps crossing. Cop says, "Yes, you, Ma'am."

She goes over and he starts questioning her on her jaywalking proclivities. The light changes. I cross. As I approach, I hear the cop talking about how she could've been hit by a car. I avert my eyes. I go into the fast food joint. Place my order. Pay for my food. Wait for my food. Get my food. Leave the fast food joint.

The woman is still there talking to the cop. While I'm waiting for the light to change, I hear him saying, "You saw there were two other people waiting...."

I don't know if he ultimately gave her a ticket, but I do admit to taking a certain amount of joy in the fact that she got caught.

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cw2smom said...

I got a jaywalking ticket once, for crossing the street in the middle of the street, rather than using a crosswalk! I was livid! But, I did it, so I had it coming! Yet...come on!! Take care...Lisa