Monday, November 28, 2005

First Photo Essay -- Motor Bikes

Do I unpack?  No.  Do I go to sleep early?  No.  Do I upload photos?  Now you're talking.

After a quick culling of the 257 pictures I took on the trip, I present the very first photo essay.  (I've chosen to do this one first not because of any issues of chronology, but because it is an easy one.  And I should really go eat some dinner.)

Taipei is pretty crowded.  Lots and lots of people.  One of the ways they deal with all the traffic congestion is:  motorcycles.

Jackie (the tour guide) explained that lots of people have them.  He has two.  Because there isn't a whole lot of parking available, people are allowed to park (and drive!) them on the sidewalk.

And they do.

They really really do.

Jackie also told me a bit about numbers.  The number 6 is believed to mean good luck.  The number 8 is believed to mean good fortune.  License plate numbers with lots of 6's and 8's in them are auctioned off.  Depending on the plate, people might pay thousands of dollars for it.

You will never, says Jackie, find a license plate ending with a 4.  4 is unlucky -- it is believed to signify death.  Jackie says they don't even make plates ending in 4.  After he told me this, I checked all the motorcycles I could, and saw no plate ending in 4.  I did, however, find a plate which I thought might not be permitted in America...


blondepennierae said...

Although I didn't leave comments I read every entry you did on your trip.  I really enjoyed taking this trip with you.  I love the photos.  Cant wait for more!  Pennie

ravenlark2 said...

What interesting tidbits to know. If 4 is bad luck then my social security number has doomed me from birth. LOL Out of 8 numbers, half of them are 4's. Scary!