Sunday, November 13, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I forgot to tell you about the cashier at the hotel buffet. 

When I got to the counter, I handed her my little "Free Buffet" ticket.  She looks at it, confused.  There's a place where my name should be written in, and that space is blank.

She has to ask a manager whether she can accept the ticket.  The manager tells her to just get me to write my name in.

She hands me a pen and tells me to write my name on the ticket.  I oblige.

Then she says, "Can I see your ID?"


helmswondermom said...


karynetaylor said...

that is priceless!

~ Karyn

hewasolddog299 said...

Was the cashier blonde?


annalisa135 said...

you have GOT to be kidding me!  she didn't!  OMG!!!  is anybody home in there?  lol

rgwindland said...

And THIS is why the people out there really scare me sometimes. Rhonda