Monday, November 28, 2005

Quick Updates

- Got home last night.  Man, the flight back is, like, two hours shorter than the flight out.  Jet stream or tailwind or whatever -- I'm grateful.  Those extra two hours on the flight out are a real killer.

- Read all your comments on my cell phone while on the shuttle to my car.  So nice to get a signal back on my phone.  (For the last ten days, it has just been a way to carry around a picture of my cat.)

- Good thing "Daily Show" was in reruns last week -- gave me much less TV to get caught up on.

- Speaking of which, I didn't have to watch "Amazing Race" when I got back -- I caught Tuesday's episode on Saturday night in Hong Kong.  Nice to know reality TV doesn't have a huge time delay around the planet.

- Oh, and I saw Tuesday's episode of "House" last night.  Loved his street address (obvious enough in the opening sequence for my own jet-lagged self to notice it).  I feel as thought I now have official approval to keep calling Robert Sean Leonard's character "Watson," as I've pretty much been doing all along.

- It's just a cold, honest; I did not handle bird poop.

- Pictures?  Oh hell yes.  I emptied my digital camera before I went, and yesterday had a total of 250 pics on it.  It will take a little time to find the dozen or so that actually came out.

- Tailor convinced me to order a couple more pairs of slacks and a skirt -- which I'm really glad I did, as the slacks and skirt came out terrific.  The dress -- not so much.  They didn't make it nearly as form-fitting and low-cut as I'd requested.  I guess Hong Kong tailors err on the side of propriety.  Still, it's pretty and will serve its purpose (something nice to wear to theatre openings).  Black silk, with a flower pattern (black on black) in the fabric.

- Oh look, I'm late for work.  Looks like everything is back to normal.


mom23nca said...

Sounds like a great trip.  I'm really looking forward to the pictures.

annalisa135 said...

Welcome home!!!  :-)  The trip sounded like a dream.  I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!  :-)

The dress sounds very lovely, and I hope you'll take some photos of you wearing it when the time comes.  I'd love to see.  :-)  

rgwindland said...

Welcome Back!!! What did you miss the most?? Rhonda