Friday, November 18, 2005

Words and Phrases

It dawns on me that I only know one Chinese word, and even there I'm not sure of its dialect: bao.  I think of them as tasty barbecue-pork-filled buns, but I'm told it actually means "purse" or "pouch."  Makes sense.  Still, I can't see myself getting real far in Taipei with a single-word vocabulary ("My!  What tasty bao!" and "Hey!  Get your hands off my bao!" are the outside limits) so I intend to never be real far from someone who speaks English.

Still.  Going to a whole other continent and all, there are a few words and phrases I'd like to know in the local language.  (Or have written down, so I can point cheerfully to the phrase I want, and avoid horrible mispronounciation errors.  'Cause you just know that I'm going to aim for "Where's the restroom?" and end up saying something like, "What a lovely octopus.")

In an ideal world, I'd be on top of the following words and phrases:

Thank you
Pardon me, how do I hotel? the museum? the bathroom? my tour group? some really kick-ass bao?
How much?  Perhaps a small discount?
Thank you for welcoming me into your home; here have some chocolate.
The United States.  No, I didn't vote for him.
California.  Not him either.
Thank you, but I would prefer not to visit the poultry farm.
I am horribly sorry that I unintentionally violated your custom; please accept more chocolate.


rgwindland said...

Chocolate can fix anything, LOL. Rhonda

ravenlark2 said...

You bring offerings of Chocolate? Ohhhh then you can visit my neck of the woods any time ya like....exotic locale? Alabama. HEH.


blondepennierae said...

lOL  cute, very cute.  I'd have to really stock up on chcolate.  The other's are right .... chocolate usually works for most things.  Pennie

memes121 said...

Can't  wait to hear about your trip. Found some stuff that might help. If not, it helped me past the time. (Best One)

swibirun said...

ha ha hilarious.....hey!  quit peeing on my squid!