Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things I So Do Not Want To Deal With At 4:00 A.M.

I was still up around 3:00 last night.  I knew this was wrong, but it's generally my way.

I pet the cat and go into my bedroom.

I go into my bathroom to brush my teeth.  (The good one; not the one with the hole in the ceiling and the mold from the neighbor's leak.)

I hear dripping. 

I trace it to a fan near the ceiling.

By 3:30, I'm standing on a step-stool, screwdriver in hand, removing the fan cover.

It's wet in there.  I put on some gloves and unplug the little cord, thinking that water and electricity are a bad combination.  I've also gotten dust all over my freshly-vacuumed floor, so I dust-buster it up.

I can't see where the leak is coming from.  But the wall is cold.

The fan appears to back onto the same wall that's behind my air conditioning unit.  I go into the living room and peek at the a/c.  I see nothing wrong with it, but I definitely hear a dripping.  I can't see where the dripping is coming from.

I think freon.

(I decide to post this cheerful news and my internet connection goes down.  Since I'm really not thinking straight at quarter to four, I decide that posting about it is a high priority, so I try to IM my journal from my cell phone.  I type in a couple hundred characters, then my phone loses the connection.)

I turn off my a/c.  Eventually, the dripping sound stops.  I go to sleep for four whole hours. 

I wake up at quarter after 8.  I go into the bathroom.  The floor is wet.  So is the carpet next to it.  There's something dripping out of the a/c register in the ceiling.  Quite regularly.  The wall beneath the fan has bubbled out, like there's water (or something else) in there too. 

Realizing that I need professional help (shut up), I call the plumber.  "Do you want me there in the morning or afternoon?"  "Um, seeing as it's flooding my floor, as soon as possible might be nice."  He'll be here "within the hour."  I can't even shower now, as I'm afraid I'll miss his arrival.  (And the bathroom is pretty wet anyway.)


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