Sunday, November 6, 2005

Who is to blame for this?

Strolling around the mall this afternoon, I came across a particularly annoying (and hopefully short-lived) fashion trend.  Velvet jackets for women in all sorts of bright bold colors.  Like this one:

Or this one

And I wondered, "Who do I blame for this fashion travesty?"

And then I thought... 

and thought...

Oh no.


mom23nca said...


helmswondermom said...

Ha!  Always knew there was a reason I didn't like Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp is another matter, though!).  I noticed them, too, recently, and I don't like them either.  

thinkingoutloud said...

Oh no!
ha ha

And I just ordered one online.
Not really but I was considering a "chocolate" one from JCPenney.
Um... guess not.

Thanx for saving me the 35 bux.
ha ha


dklars said...

Velvet makes me look twice as big as I already am!

hewasolddog299 said...

Astute observation, sweet cheeks. Just wait until the contrasting velvet jodhpurs hit the stores this Spring! And the boots! Mustn't forget the boots. And the riding crops... hmm, more than you needed to know, methinks.

And so it goes...

annalisa135 said...

oh no! is right!!!!  a big big OH NO!!!!    LOL

ravenlark2 said...

Johnny Depp is the ONLY one who can get away with velvet jackets. The other jackets are just a fashion DON'T. *Shudders*


mutualaide said...

LOL!  But I do remember, waaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 80's -- the same type of jacket for women was sold.   Perish the thought, I nearly bought one, but something hit me in the head suggesting it wouldn't be a good idea.

rgwindland said...

LOL, your're right!! I'm gonna run right out and buy one of those with 3 cats in the house. It wouldn't be a velvet jacket - it would be a fur one!! Rhonda