Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hey, see anything different?

Well, the AOL-J community is in a frenzy over those banner ads.  Not to mention that, along with the rollout of the banner ads, came an unfortunate inability to add entries to one's journal.  (In case you're curious, I'm adding this via accessing from the web -- accessing from AOL didn't give me an "Add Entry" button.)

So, I add my voice to the general peevedness.  While I've got nothing against Quizno's -- actually, there are so few decent eating establishments near my office, we actually sent around excited e-mails when a Quizno's opened nearby -- I do have quite a bit against Bank of America (my former bank).  Actually B of A is one of the few companies I've been SO peeved with I actually took my business elsewhere.  And I'm pretty lazy as a rule, so you have to be pretty dang bad for me to overcome my natural inertia and drop your service.

And, of course, now I wonder if AOL has crossed that line.  To be honest, there's very little AOL-specific content that I use.  I never go to chat rooms; I rarely play the free online games; and while I read the news stories, I could get that elsewhere.  Also, the spam-blocker is not particularly effective, the free anti-virus is nice but McAfee has managed to keep charging me anyway -- (that's for another rant), and -- on those rare occasions when I actually WANT to click a link on the welcome page -- the link is frequently broken.  Honestly, I was ready to leave years ago, but I was too lazy to send out all those "change of address" emails.

But then, in came journals.  I adore journalling, and a great deal of my life is chronicled here.  And, if I gave up AOL, I would lose this.  (Perhaps, she wonders idly, this is why AOL has not put a lot of effort into coming up with an easy way of archiving one's entire journal to hard disk -- because, if we could do that, it would be that much easier to pack up our toys and leave.)  But the fact that our journals -- the main reason why I keep with AOL as a paying customer -- have now become home to ads for companies we may not support -- that's downright irritating.  And another mark in the "leave AOL" column.



grodygeek said...

Ah, don't worry about it. There are worse things than a little adverts.

And most every site has some. Yeah-who, Goggle, and others.

I'm sad to see the AOhelL community disintigrate, but it was bound to happen over something.

the cycling curmudgeon

annalisa135 said...

It's freaking me out seeing so many friends closing up their journals, locking them (by going private and not posting), leaving AOL, and those who are doing a "sit in".  

This is affecting everyone SO strongly!

I wish AOL would realize how much this is affecting their business -- and not in a good way.  I have a feeling they don't care though.  Which is the really sad part.

My journal is "me" too.  I can't imagine leaving it.  But I HATE someone else having some say into what actually goes into my journal.  If I don't want to advertise for a product or company, then I shouldn't have to!!!  It's very upsetting.

annalisa135 said...

Of all the possible companies -- they HAD to put Bank of America on your journal!  Unbelievable, isn't it??

tammyg22 said...

You do know there are other online journals, right?

tammyg22 said...

You do know there are other online journals, right?