Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day Off

As days off go, this was a pretty good one. 

Slept in, but not too long.

Walked to the movies.  This isn't as impressive as it sounds, as there's a movie theater about three blocks away.  Still, it was over 90 degrees, so I should get a little credit for exercising under less-than-ideal circumstances. 

Saw the Die Hard film.  I haven't seen a movie in months, and it seemed like some nice, brainless entertainment.  I was actually pretty pleased with it, although part of that might have been the novelty of seeing a movie.  Fun watching Bruce Willis and the "I'm a Mac" guy kick some ass, although one of the least-believable sequences was a bit laughable.  Also a nice character in McClane's daughter, who got laughs or cheers with every one of her (very few) lines.  Actress will probably get a bit more work because of this.

Had dinner with a friend, which was nice.  We weren't really up for being particularly picnicky, but we went to a nice restaurant and had good supper.

Came back, watched a little TV, and I baked brownies.  While we were waiting for them to cool, we heard fireworks from outside, and went out on my balcony and watched them.  I used to never be able to see fireworks from my balcony, but, earlier this year, my downstairs neighbor removed the tree that had been blocking my view.  It was kinda nice that the very same neighbor was the friend who was hanging out at my place, so she got to experience the view that she was responsible for.

And that's about it.  I have lots of stuff to do around the house (and probably stuff to do outside it, too) but I figured it was a good idea to spend the holiday like an actual holiday and just spend the day enjoying life.

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