Monday, July 23, 2007

That's a Lot of Cat

I adore my cat.  I really do.

Lately, she's started sleeping on my bed with me.  This is very sweet, and I quite like it.  Usually, she curls up in a little ball on the edge of my bed.  She's very polite about it, too.  She won't jump up on the bed until I tap on the covers, giving her permission to jump up.  (Although, if I don't do that, she'll just sit there on the floor, meowing until I tap on the covers, so maybe it isn't all that polite.)

But last night, ten pounds of cat managed to stretch herself across a queen sized bed in such a way that there nearly wasn't room for me in there.  Sometimes it amazes me how she can curl up into a little ball about 10 inches in diameter -- but can still stretch out wide enough (paws to tail) to damn near evict me from my own bed.

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