Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not to Worry

Aw, thanks guys.

No need to be concerned about my work or any overspending.

As for the former, I'm actually throwing myself into my work with quite a bit of gusto.  A good portion of my job involves -- how to put this delicately? -- throwing the book at idiots.  I'm finding that throwing the book at idiots is extremely therapeutic.  Besides, seeing as my job is conveniently located not at my condo, I'm happy to be there.  My boss, also, is very sympathetic -- indeed, he's "feeling my pain" a bit too much, as he's facing a special assessment of his own in the amount of (you might want to sit down for this) $45,000.  So we're sorta hatin' condo life together.

No fears of overspending, either.  I've strictly limited the amount I've dedicated to Project Buy Happiness -- an amount I can well-afford to put to the use -- and I'm not going over, no matter what.  Indeed, I found something I think I'd like to do with the cash (check it out) but it's about a two-hour drive away and I'm trying to figure out how to keep it in budget without having to drive both ways in the same day.  Hotels in the area are wicked expensive, especially on weekends (and I don't want to take off from work as I am having too much fun there) so I'm trying to to investigate alternative transportation.  Amtrak runs a train, but I'm not sure the times will work.  Further updates as they occur.

I did, however, spend One Whole Dollar on the project yesterday.  I was a Petco picking up anti-hairball treats for Jasmine (you do not want to run out of anti-hairball treats) and the nice lady at Petco asked if I wanted to donate a buck to their pet fostering/adoption program.  It seemed a good way to start off Project Buy Happiness, so I gave 'em a dollar.  And felt very happy about it.

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