Monday, July 16, 2007

Read, read, read, read, read

I may have made a tactical error.

What with four separate flights to Baltimore and back, I took a book with me.

A fairly "chunky" read.  It's about 550 pages and the font is reasonably small.  Which is to say, it isn't the sort of page-turner you could get through in a single sitting.  Or, as it turns out, four sittings.  But that's probably because both travel days started really early in the morning, so I kept napping on the plane, whenever I could.

Point is, I'm about 150 pages in as of right now.  It's good.  I'm enjoying it. 

The new Harry Potter book will be conveniently delivered to my door on Saturday (as it will be delivered to the doors of everyone else who pre-ordered on Amazon). 

I don't want to have to put this book down in order to pick up that one, but with that one being An Event Of (Popular) Cultural Significance, I'm going to want to start it ASAP.

Which means that somewhere between now and then, I've gotta find upwards of 7 hours to finish this thing.

(And still keep up with work, and reviewing, and email, and cleaning the condo, and playing with the cat, and all that other stuff that I generally spend my waking hours engaged in.)

Hmmm.  A challenge.

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hewasolddog299 said...

So who needs sleep?