Monday, July 9, 2007

One for the folks who wear glasses

I've worn glasses all my life.  Pretty much since birth.  (And, boy, reading the chart was a challenge before I could, y'know, read.)  And today I did something I've never done in my life. 

I hit myself in the eye with my glasses.

I want to be clear here.  This wasn't, like, being real drunk and trying to put my glasses on and missing.  This was, sitting here, playing Freecell, somehow smacking my eyeglasses with my palm, and pushing the lens right up against my eye.  And, remarkably, my reflexes were so slow, I didn't even manage to close my eye before the impact.

Brilliant, eh?


grodygeek said...

I blame it on losing your weekend.

Here is my stupid eye story. You decide which is better. I wear gas permeable contacts. I formerly had a vehicle that I had to plug in on winter nights or it wouldn't start with an extension cord. I once went to unplug it, and just sort of yanked the cord instead of unplugging it. It unplugged all right. The flat end of the cord came flying back toward me so quickly it smacked me in the eye.

And yes, I was apparently so impressed at my prowess I could neither duck nor close my eye. And the cord broke my lens into three pieces, while still in my eye.

Let me emphasize, broken, in my eye, painfully. I had to go inside and call friends by memory until I could find someone to take me to an ER. The pain was so that I couldn't open either eye and light through the lids was excruciating.

And boy did I feel like a moron having to explain it about elebeenteen times at the ER.

I truly hope your eye is okay.

hewasolddog299 said...

I guess you didn't see it coming...