Thursday, October 30, 2008

And, in case anyone else needs a brain wipe after that last post


This is all three of our dolphins leaping right in front of us. (The four of us and the two trainers.)

Again, I stress how awesomely cool it was for us to have three dolphins. When I went back later for zip-lining, we met near the pool, and I saw ten guests there with two dolphins. So we totally lucked out in terms of dolphin to human ratio.

This one is me "dancing" with Nemo. It's one of those pictures where you feel really stupid and awkward in the pose, but it makes a really good snap. Perhaps because Nemo seems so into it.

And hugging Nemo. You gotta hug your dolphin.

And feeding Nemo. I actually got to feed him twice because, the first time, I fed him before they snapped the picture. Something about being about a foot away from the open mouth (with all those tooth) expectantly waiting for a fish makes you want to drop that fish in there immediately.

After this picture, they gave my friend a fish and told her to feed Nemo, and she did exactly the same thing.

Favorite picture. Right here.

That there is the Zen of the Belly Ride.

They did not have any decent pictures of me riding the zip lines. This does not suprise me. It is the third time I've been zip lining, and none of the photos have ever turned out splendidly.

This time, they had many pictures of the other people riding the zip lines, but somehow missed me. They took a bunch of pictures of me on the "Tarzan rope," but since I agreed to spin all the way across, it's just me, with my knees bent, in a blur, with the scenery behind me substantially more blurred.

So, this was the only picture I bought (and since it manages to really highlight my butt, you can imagine how lousy the others were). It's me rappelling down the line at the end of the course.

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cw2smom said...

What an absolutely amazing experience! I would love to do that and will put it on my life's list! Great shots too! Looks like with the exception of Montazuma's was a great time! Welcome home!