Sunday, October 12, 2008

My blog -- she is not objectionable.

My phone is a prude.

I have one of those phones that claims internet access. It's not completely useless in terms of email (but can't get the email from one of my accounts, because said account stupidly requires cookies), but its internet capabilities are largely exaggerated.

Case in point: Thought I'd take a look at my blog from my phone. (I'm away from home. Not really away away, just spending the night at a hotel near the "biggest indoor mall West of the Mississippi" (so says their website) so I can get up bright and early and attack my holiday shopping tomorrow.) In any event, I typed in the blog's new URL in my phone, and my phone started loading the page.

First, it loaded the text.

Then, while loading, it loaded a line that read "Flag this blog to blogger for objectionable content."

Then, without me doing a damn thing, it changed that line to read "You have flagged this blog as having objectionable content."

Really? I flagged my own blog? That'd be pretty stupid, wouldn't it?

I immediately turned off my phone, hoping that the thought police over here at blogger wouldn't be pounding down my cyber-door and killing the blog I so painstakingly created (and so recently moved).

Five minutes later I tried again -- to see if I couldn't figure out what happened.

What happened was: it did the same thing again. Now I've apparently twice flagged my own blog as objectionable.

Am awaiting the thought police at any minute now. Hopefully, this won't be my last entry.

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