Friday, October 10, 2008

The Arial Curse

I see the Arial Curse has followed me from AOL.

I like typing in Arial. It's my font of choice.

And there was something really weird about it on AOL. Despite the fact my journal was set to default to Arial 12, it would actually default to Arial 10. But it thought it was 12. So I'd have to change the font on the whole thing to something else (like 14-point) and then I could size it back to 12 and it would go to 12.

So, it transfers my entire journal in what appears to be a good, normal size of text. I write a new entry. I tell it to make my text "Small" because that looks good on the screen. I preview it. It previews at the same size as the transferred entries. I post it. As you can see, it comes out teeny tiny.

So, I went back in and changed the text size to "normal." Did it change it? Only in preview. In the journal, it came out as "small" again. I tried kicking it up to the next size ("large") and it was freakin' HUGE. Normal sized text in Arial? Sorry, apparently we can't do that.

(Bear with me. My posts are generally more interesting than bitching about font size.)

1 comment:

~~Kath~~ said...

Did you try "Medium?" Even medium looks too small on my wordpress journal, though! I've got you bookmarked! ~~Kath~~