Monday, October 13, 2008

And on the home selling/buying front

The home inspector came by this week and reported that my condo is largely "satisfactory."

Who knew?

Of course, there is a small list of items in which it is not satisfactory, for which I'll have to have a handyman out, and the air conditioning guy, and potentially an electrician. My immediate thought is to call all these people and have them out.

My second thought is to tell my real estate agent to call all these people and have them out.

I like my second thought better.

And, because it is never easy, one of the things the inspector found is something that it's the HOA's responsibility to fix. And the buyers want me to notify the HOA of the problem and ask them to repair it before close of escrow. (Depending on how one parses that sentence, I have already satisfied my obligation by notifying the HOA and asking them to repair it -- since it is prior to close of escrow. I'm guessing that's not what they had in mind.) But, yet again, I'm potentially in a situation where my ability to close the deal depends on something beyond my control -- basically, the HOA getting something repaired. Now, to be fair, the particular problem sounds to me like (a) something easy to repair; and (b) something the HOA would probably be happy to fix once alerted to the problem. (And I note that two other units recently sold in this building -- why didn't their inspectors notice this?) But, given past experience, I anticipate passing the info on to the HOA, and having them say, "We looked at it, and we don't see anything wrong with it." Or any one of a number of different responses that are not, "yeah, sure, we'll have that done next week."

Sigh. Stress. Sigh.

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