Friday, October 24, 2008

Zipping through the trees

My friend had initially wanted to go zip-lining in Mexico. Then, some people told her that zip-lining in Mexico wasn´t the safest thing on earth, so we thought we´d give it a pass. But when we were doing the dolphin thing (three dolphins for four of us!) the folks we were with said they´d gone zip-lining with this company earlier in the week, and that it was really safe. Double safety lines, helmets (one zip-lining company we saw on the net did not have helmets in the photos) and a bunch of guides all focused on safety. I was convinced, but my friend decided to sit this one out.

So, at 1:00 this afternoon, I was piled in a jeep with 11 other people, for a one hour ride up into the mountains for zip-lining.

Nearly got car sick in the jeep, but started staring the floor, and that got me there ok. Once we got in and suited up (with safety briefing) we went up into the trees.

The dudes we did the dolphins with advised that you should bring a change of clothes if zip-lining. I did not follow this advice as I didn´t understand it. Once I was up in the trees, I understood it. It´s hot and humid up there, and within about 5 minutes, I was drenched with sweat. Quite literally. My clothes were soggy. My eyeglasses were fogging up. I was rolling up my sleeves, and joking that maybe I ought to just zip naked.

The zip lines were TERRIFIC, though. Including one long one (maned Big Papa) that was 660 feet. We couldn´t even see the end of it before we went.

Near the end was a "tarzan swing" -- although it wasn´t just a rope -- we were hooked on just like with a zip line -- and some of us spun all the way over. They asked if I waned to spin, I said maybe. They said "maybe means yes" and I went for it -- spinning across a river. Too fun!

Shortly thereafter, one of the guides reached over and did something with my shirt -- apparently one of my buttons (yes, that one) had undone itself, and Lucas was the only one who noticed. (Not any of the women, of course.) Guess I nearly WAS zip-lining naked.

And we rappelled at the end. (I have a pic of that.) Never done that before, and also WAY FUN.

Not so fun was the jeep ride back -- where I kept my lunch (by staring straight at the floor) but the little kid next to me didn´t. Barfed right over the edge of the jeep. Poor kid. But ... other than nearly getting, you know, barfed on, it was a terrific day.

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cw2smom said...

That sounds like great fun...except for the humidity part! YUK!!! I am glad you are enjoying your vacation and I am happy that I found you in this AOL migration! Continued fun! Be safe! Lisa/Cw2smom