Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Clothes Shopping

You know, sometimes when you go shopping, you're looking for a particular image.  For the "interview suit," you want "conservative and professional."  For the evening gown, you want "sexy and elegant."  And so forth.

But, sometimes, when you go shopping, you try something on at random and it volunteers the image itself.

The other day, I was at a clothing store and tried on this khaki skirt.  It was a full skirt with extra panels, so it was very flouncy, but in a casual, cotton, don't-bother-ironing-it way.  As soon as I put it on, the total image magically appeared in my head -- it needed an olive-colored tank top, and a casual shirt hanging open over it -- perhaps in camouflage.  Shoes would be thongs (which I normally disdain for anything but beach wear) -- leather ones, probably with some beads to give it a "crunchy" look.  Hair casually pulled back in a loose pony tail.  Just give me a rifle and I would be the Special Guest Star on a MacGyver episode -- I'm the spunky daughter of the rebel leader who has been kidnapped by the agents of the evil dictator (who only recently took over in a military coup) -- and I'm going to get my father back "with or without your help."

Bought the skirt.  Damn Banana Republic.

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olddog299 said...

OK, doll, where's the photographic illustration of this "look"? I SO want to see you in the get-up as described, LOL.