Monday, May 30, 2005


Ah, Sunday!  The potential logistical nightmare. 

11:30 -- leave for grandmother's party.
12:00 -- arrive at grandmother's party
3:30 -- skip out early on grandmother's party...

Now things were pretty much going according to plan until this point, when I walked into the parking garage and Could Not Find My Rental Car.  Must have walked up and down the aisles four times before I finally got the brilliant idea of clicking the trunk release on the remote.  I clicked, and a car some 8 cars away dutifully opened its trunk.  Success!

I drove to the Holiday Inn near BWI, where I left my suitcases (I'll pick them up later) and took my two duffels (no wheels!) on my way.  Then, returned the car to Hertz at BWI, and took their shuttle to the airport....

....where they dropped me off in the MIDDLE OF THE TERMINALS -- with no signs at all telling anyone where to go.  Luckily, I remembered having seen Icelandair over at the end, so I booked on down to what *I* call Terminal E.

(Next up:  the flight.  Deserves an entry of its own but I'm using the internet keyboard in my hotel lobby and they have no chairs and I'm so tired I can't stand up anymore.)

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