Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm such a lemming

Just bought my ticket for Star Wars III.  Not really sure why I did this.

I mean, Star Wars I blew.  And the most I can say for Star Wars II is that is that blew somewhat less than Star Wars I.

But I'm a sucker for completion.  There are many TV series I watched all the way to the end long after they stopped being good, just to get that sense of accomplishment that comes with closure (even though the only thing I actually accomplished was wasting an hour of my time on a weekly basis for several seasons).  It takes a lot for a TV show to go so bad I'll stop watching it, after that sizeable investment of time back when it was good.

And so, Star Wars III.  I have such a history with this series.  Hell, like many others of my generation, I go back to 1977 with it, and can tell you where I saw Star Wars IV for the first time.  Heck, Star Wars VI has a very nearly sacred place in my history, as its opening day marks the one and only time I ditched school.  (Yes, I say that knowing my mom reads my journal.  She drove me to the theater.  My mom rocks.)

So, I bought my ticket for Star Wars III opening day.  I didn't go for a midnight show, because I have such reduced expectations based on the most recent two.  (Yes, I know the reviews say this one is much better.  I'm not falling for that again.)  But I am going to see it as soon as possible.  Partly because I know that if it's enjoyable at all, it will be more enjoyable with an opening day crowd.  But mostly because I just want to cross it off the list and close the book on it already.

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gabreaelinfo said...

Your right the last Star Wars SUCKED. However, I am a sucker for completion too. So I will go see it as well. So your not alone!