Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My guide, Peggy

My good pal, Peggy, has become something of my Travel Scout.  She went to New Zealand on her honeymoon right before my trip to New Zealand, and she supplied lots of valuable info.  I followed all of her advice to the letter and was never disappointed.

So.  When Peggy says "When you're in Reykjavik, go to La Primavera and get the chocolate lava cake for dessert," I go.  Took me some time to FIND La Primavera, as the woman at the concierge desk at my hotel was ... well, she wasn't a concierge.  (They were renovating the Tour Office at the hotel, so they let Tour Desk Lady sit at the concierge desk.  She was selling tours and trying to fake being a concierge, but her restaurant directions weren't the greatest.  Restaurant was actually quite a ways away from the dot she put on my map.)

ANYWAY, had this tasty chicken in goat cheese and herbs thing for dinner, and asked for the dessert menu, looking for chocolate lava cake.

Here's the difference between America and Iceland.  If a restaurant in America served this item, the menu would read:  Hot Chocolate Lava Cake -- Individual mini-chocolate cake, with gooey hot liquid chocolate in the center.  Our Best Dessert.  Served with vanilla ice cream.

In Iceland, it reads, innocently:  Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

If Peggy hadn't told me about it, I never would have known about the warm delicious oozing center.

Ironically, I would have had enough cash to pay the bill if it wasn't for the lava cake.


pegluh said...

Hey, a total shout-out!  

You found La Primavera! (I agree - it is not the easiest place to find.)  You found the chocolate cake! At least dessert-wise, you sound like you are enjoying your Icelandic experience.

tammyg22 said...

Well, yeah, but how could you skip chocolate lava cake?