Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Iceland -- Morning Two

Ahhh!  That's much better.  Managed to stay awake until about 9:00 last night -- which wasn't easy as the hotel carries seven channels, of which four are in the Icelandic languague, and a fifth is CNN World.  Which, y'know, pretty much repeats itself every half hour.  Conveniently, the other two stations were BBC1 and BBC2, so I ended up watching "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (which, some fifteen years after it first came out, is really showing its age) and some British version of "Cops."  .... Although, being British, it's all about traffic cops politely pulling people over -- not wife batterers being hauled out to the yard in their underwear.  Still, British Traffic Cops were interesting enough to keep me awake until 9.  (Did you know they have their own little "warnings" they give you when you're under arrest?  And they differ from US "Miranda warnings."  It's like -- you have the right not to say anything, but if you try to say something in your defense at your trial, it will be used against you if you DIDN'T say it in response to police questioning.  (I paraphrase.)  Interesting.)

Just had my (free) breakfast at the hotel.  Since food is so pricey, I totally scarfed out.  Yes, they had herring.  And cod liver oil.  No, I did not partake.  But I did have tons of bacon -- and that's the good crispy stuff Americans know as bacon -- not that pink, flimsy stuff that passes for bacon in England.

Oh well, someone else wants the terminal, so I'll be off.  Later.

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