Wednesday, May 18, 2005


1.  Damn.  Looks like they're going to kill Tony off on 24.  I mean, standard set-up for death is when the "fallen" guy redeems himself and gets back with the ex-wife.  But the OTHER standard set-up for death is the guy "one last mission away" from retirement.  Both are a double whammy.  If he survives this season, color me shocked.

2. Wow.  Bo sang his face off on American Idol.  (So much so that I was almost willing to pick up the phone and actually call.)  The judges seem to think, at this point, that Bo will win this thing.  I'm not so sure.  Rocker Bo will score huge in the "blue states," but those "red states" there in the middle will go heavy for Country girl Carrie.  Vonzell will leave this week.

3.  Some months from now, when Emmy nominations come out, look for one for House, for last night's episode.  Seriously.  If they don't get nominated for writing that, there's something way wrong with the universe.

4.  A week after Amazing Race, and I'm still glad Rob and Amber didn't win.  Used to be that when you auditioned for a reality game show, they wouldn't let you on if you'd done one in the last three or five years -- now, apparently, that's a bonus.  Look, I don't begrudge them their fame or their success from Survivor -- but one of the things that should come with fame is that you're not "a regular person" anymore.  Rob and Amber had a huge advantage in Amazing Race, simply because they were recognized all around their world, due to their appearances on Survivor.  Other players -- who are actually competiting for real prize money -- shouldn't have to play against someone famous.

5.  And, of course, I'm pleased that Tom won Survivor, although I do wish Katie had been less of a butthead at the final tribal council, so that there would have been a little competition in it.  But, man, refusing to answer Janu's question?  Who did she expect to earn points with using that move?  All she served to do was further alienate the jurors and put them even more solidly in Tom's camp.  Funny that Coby said his vote for Katie was really a vote against Tom -- after Katie's performance before the jury, I figure most of them were voting for Tom just to vote against Katie.    

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