Monday, May 16, 2005

I Smell Like Pledge!

Ever buy those Pledge Grab-It cloths?  They've come up with a new version that smells all orangey.  OK, "citrus scented," according to the label.  I find the smell intoxicating.  Makes me want to just get high dusting the living room.

OK, not really.  Very little makes me want to dust, as the three unopened packages of Citrus Scented Pledge Grab-It clothes sitting in my utility closet attest.  I keep buying them -- apparently because I can't bear the thought of running out -- but that still doesn't make me use them.

The other day, I went to the mall, and found myself in The Body Shop.  Was about to buy myself another little bottle of Ananya, the floral-scented fragrance I usually use.  But I had a few minutes to kill, so thought I'd sniff a few bottles and see if there wasn't anything I liked better.

The very first one I tried was Satsuma.  And it was love at first sniff.  The woman behind the counter told me it was a "Japanese Orange" scent, but I knew better.  It was Pledge!

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blondepennierae said...

hahahahahaha   It sounds wonderful.  I'm gonna have to buy some Citru Scented Pledge.  All I have in the cupboard is regular uninspiring Pledge.  Pennie