Monday, July 24, 2006

Aw darn

I was just about to call the dry cleaner and ask if this comforter is, in fact, my comforter, when I checked my messages.  The dry cleaner called.  They noticed that my comforter is still there.  They'd like this one back.

I pointed out that:  (1)  They aren't getting it back until tomorrow (because I was going to a Dodger game right after work); and (2)  I've been using it.  So they'll have to clean it again.  They're down with that.  They say they don't have to re-clean my comforter as it's still sitting there in the shop.

I'm torn.  I'm glad that Jasmine has apparently gotten over whatever it was that made her pee on the comforter last week (knock on wood) and also has (maybe... please?) chosen not to take revenge for the unfortunate incident with the file cabinet drawer and her paw.  That said, if she pees on the comforter now, they'd probably let me keep it.

1 comment:

hewasolddog299 said...

So where did this wonderful comforter come from and why isn't it already on your seasonal wish list?