Sunday, July 23, 2006


Woke up this morning and looked groggily down the bed.  Saw some dark spots there.

Oh man.  Did the cat crap all over my bed?  I turn on the light.

No.  It's the cat herself.  She's on the bed.  Her white bits were just blending in with the white comforter in the dark.

Jasmine has never slept a whole night on my bed -- but there she is, lying there.  To emphasize her point, she rolls over with her paws in the air demanding a belly rub.

I deliver the requested belly rub (still apologizing) then take the laptop out of my nightstand.  I set it down, turn it on, and Jamine does her traditional move of curling up between my arms and kneading my upper arm while I surf the net.

I think she wuvs me again.  (That, or she missed the featherbed and comforter as much as I did.)

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memes121 said...

I had a cat that would pee on the bed whenever I left the house. She has issues. I bought me some plastic (the thick kind) and covered my bed whenever I left and put an old blanket on top. That way, the bed was safe and I could wash the blanket and sanitize the plastic. A lot cheaper then the dry cleaners!