Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sleep.... please?

Didn't get much sleep Sunday night, so was really, really counting on getting some good sleep Monday night to make up for it.

Planned to get to bed by midnight.  This didn't happen, but at least the delay was for something useful (hanging up my clothes when they came out of the dryer so I wouldn't have to iron).  Of course, there were other delays.  Like I cut my finger on something, so had to, y'know, clean it and put on a band-aid.  And, OK, watch a little bit of TV.  Can't just go to bed right after laundry.  Besides, it was hot as hell, and running the dryer didn't exactly help.  Ate a Pudding Pop to cool down.

Around 1:00, I get in bed.  (This is still a huge improvement over Sunday.)  Alarm is set for 7:30, so I'm still looking at getting a solid six-and-a-half hours.

I've had a little trouble sleeping this summer.  This is because I can't sleep without the weight of the comforter on me, but, y'know, the comforter is WARM.

I am prepared.  Before jumping in bed, I've cranked down the thermostat a few degrees and grabbed the gel eye mask out of the freezer.

It's still too warm.  I eventually kick off the covers, knowing this will do no good.  But I figure, hey, maybe I can at least cool down enough to then get back under the covers.

Time passes.  I am still awake.

I have a space heater in my room, for use in winter.  I turn it on "fan" and aim it toward the bed.  Hey, couldn't hurt.

Jasmine, who never sleeps on my bed, immediately curls up on the bed.  In the direct line of the breeze from the fan.  (My cat is no idiot.)

I lie down and try it again.  Still no sleep.  This is extremely frustrating.

It is, by now, pushing 2:00.  I say to myself (as I usually say to myself when I can't sleep on airplanes) that at least I'm getting rest, which, although not as good as actual sleep, is still preferable to sitting up watching TV or playing on the 'net.  (Indeed, I work on the theory that every 2 hours of rest is equivalent to 1 hour of sleep.  I have absolutely no basis for this.)

Cat eventually moves.  Breeze from fan kicks in.  Comforter -- which was in a pile at the end of the bed -- has now cooled off and I can get underneath it without being enveloped in heat.  I fall asleep.

At 6:30, my phone rings.

This is how tired I am:  I turn off my alarm clock, and cannot figure out why the ringing continues.

Ohh.  Phone.  Got it.

I pick up the phone and say "hello."  I hear nothing.  I think (through my haze) that maybe I'm supposed to push the little button or something.  I push the little button, thereby hanging up on whomever called. 

Hell, they deserved it.

I went back to sleep for the next hour.  Amazingly, I remembered to reset the alarm clock.

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So, what's bothering you, Bunky?