Sunday, July 9, 2006

Time Equals Money

Every six months or so, cat owners are required to do what is euphemistically known as "the big clean."

It involves:

- putting on plastic gloves

- dumping all the litter from the litter box into a trash bag

- cleaning up whatever litter got spilled

- carrying it out to the trash chute

- cleaning the litter box in the bath tub

- (using soap, and not anything with a fragrance that will scare off the cat)

- drying the box (paper towels)

- tossing the paper towels

- cleaning the bath tub (Comet is nice)

- putting new litter in the box

- cleaning the gloves

Alternatively, a new litter box costs about $14.

"The litter box is dead!  Long live the litter box!"

1 comment:

rwdykt said...

Ha ha!  I just did this today!!!  Except I had to get a new box because one of my cats has a big butt and can't fit into the covered box anymore.  Can't decide whether to keep the old box but I did have to do the big bathroom cleanup that comes whenever the box is moved from its spot in there.  Can't wait till I have a backyard and can just hose it out and leave it in the sun to dry...