Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Am *Such* A Delicate Flower

I've been having trouble sleeping again.

This is because I miss my featherbed.  Very Princess and the Pea, I know, but having to sleep on that unforgiving mattress instead of my nice gushy featherbed is driving me nuts.  See, I'm normally a front-sleeper, and it's very hard to sleep on your front on a hard mattress.  (Especially if you're a girl.  Which I am.)  So, in the absence of my featherbed, I've been trying to sleep on my back.  This is largely unsuccessful, and I generally end up flipping over anyhow and waking up with all sorts of body aches.

Which leads, naturally, to the big question -- why do I not have my featherbed?

I know what you're thinking -- you're thinking the cat barfed on it.  This is incorrect.

She peed on it.

(Before you say it, yes, I've already made the vet appointment.)

Around 1:00 a.m., Sunday night, I walk groggily to bed, planning to just aim the fan in my direction and curl up under the covers -- when I discover the large yellow patch in the middle of my comforter.  And a slightly smaller patch just beneath it on the sheet.  And an even smaller patch beneath that on the fitted sheet.  Working its way down to a dime-sized spot on my featherbed.

Yes, ok, it's only the size of a dime.  But it's a featherbed.  Meaning there's feathers in it.  Which have been exposed to cat pee.  You can't just get at that with a surface spray. 

Took both comforter and featherbed to the dry cleaner the following morning (after calling the vet).  I won't get them back until Friday, and it will cost me $71 to ransom them.

I love the cat, but... man.

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helmswondermom said...

Hope there is nothing seriously wrong with the cat!