Tuesday, July 4, 2006

From The Desk of Jasmine

You guys.  Sniff.

My human told me that you were concerned about my health and all, so I wanted to write to let you all know you there's nothing to worry about.  In the first place, NZ keeps a really close eye on my intake and outgo (I don't let her get away with anything less than daily box cleanings) so she knows that all systems are functioning normally.  In the second place, remember that my alleged two-pound weight loss was reported by a scale with a known reputation for inaccuracy.  So no worries there.  And I'm being a really good girl about eating my yummy hairball treats and letting NZ brush me every night -- especially around the ears, oooh, how I love that -- so the incidents of vomito del gato are becoming much more rare.  (Not completely gone, though.  I gotta keep that girl on her toes.)

Anyway -- not to worry.  I'm not going all Cat Bulimic on you.

Kitty kisses for everyone!


P.S.  Yes, I know.  I'm three years old; I don't eat "kitten chow" anymore; and I'm much more docile than I used to be.  According to all respected authorities on the subject, I'm a grown-up cat now.  But as long as there's belly rubs in it for me, I'll always be her widdle kitty.

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rwdykt said...

Okay, good.  :)