Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Return of the Featherbed

The featherbed -- which the cat peed on (before I hurt her paw) -- was supposed to be ready Friday afternoon.

You can see where that sentence is going already, can't you?

I show up at the dry cleaner with my receipt, and they tell me it isn't ready yet.  Come back tomorrow.

I stare at them blinking.  Where's the apology?  Or the discount?

I gather myself and ask, "What time tomorrow?"

2:00, she says.

I show up at 3:00.  I give them the receipt again.  It isn't ready. 

I point out that it was supposed to be ready on Friday and she told me to come back today at 2:00 and it's an hour later and, y'know, wouldn't it be nice if I had my featherbed now?

She's a lot more apologetic.  It will be ready in a few hours.  And the owner will be here.  And they've already put into the computer for me to have a discount.  I say thanks and say I'll return at 6:00.

I come back at 6:30.  It's done!  They've given me a discount -- although they've also billed me for a King Size Featherbed when this is a Queen Size -- which pretty much eats up the discount.  I point this out and end up paying the right amount, with discount.  Hoo-freakin-ray.

(Of course, now that the cat is angry at me, I'm afraid to put it back on my bed.)

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memes121 said...

I would put it in the closet for at least a month...maybe two.