Saturday, July 22, 2006

Is There Anything Worse Than Pet Parent Guilt?

I am the worst human ever.  At least, that's what I keep telling Jasmine.

I was putting some files in my file drawers.  A major file shift that took several hours. 

Jasmine, being a cat, was curious, so she jumped into the bottom file drawer.

I moved some files into the drawer.  Then I picked her up and plopped her outside the drawer.  A normal operation.  I've done it many times.

Except, this time, she wasn't completely outside the drawer when I plopped her down, and her little rear paw ended up caught underneath the bar you hang the file folders on.

The cat screamed.

Actually screamed.  She's meowed loudly before, and has cried a sound that sounds like a baby crying -- but she's never screamed.  She let out a wail like it was the end of the world.  I tried to reach in (around the screaming mouth with the sharp teeth) and got her unhooked.  She ran.  RAN.

On the one hand, I was pleased to see her run.  Remember, this is a cat who'd had her rear leg broken twice before I even adopted her, and now here I am injuring her paw again.  I'm dirt.  But she wasn't limping, so maybe I'm not the lowest kind of dirt ever.

I spent the next half hour sitting on the floor about 8 feet away, speaking softly and holding chicken-flavored treats.  She wasn't having any of it. 

About an hour later I actually pet her a few times before she realized it was me and tried to bite me.  :(

I went out for a half hour, came back, and was allowed to pick her up and pet her.  For a few minutes.

It's a couple hours later and she's still mad at me.  I know this because she's usually in the same room I'm in (she likes to be near me, although not in my lap all the time) -- and now, she's making an effort to be in another room.

I'm glad I'm taking her to vet on Tuesday, so she can get checked out for sure.  (I hope the vet believes me -- honest, the prior two paw injuries were before my time, and this was totally an accident.  I reckon the vet may have an easier time believing me if the cat has forgiven me by then.)

I'm dirt.

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memes121 said...

I have three inside cats. Been there, done that...well not exactly that but many other ways. The cat will get over it. She will get even when you least expect it...then she will get over it. All we can do is love them...and prepare for our punishment.