Monday, July 24, 2006

I Have a Confession to Make

You know that comforter I got back from the dry cleaner yesterday?  I don't think it's mine.

I wasn't entirely positive when I put it on the bed around midnight last night (and, seeing as it was so late, I didn't entirely care), but the squares seemed bigger than the squares used to be.  I mean, it's all white -- it's just that this one has five squares across and I'm pretty sure my old one had an even number of squares across.  Because I used to line it up with a seam down the middle, and now it has a row of squares down the middle instead.  It's hard to remember exactly -- but I'm pretty sure the squares used to be smaller.  Maybe eight across.

And the trim.  There's a tiny line of braid around the edge which I don't recall seeing before.

And I was pretty sure it had a tag identifying "The Company Store" (where I'd bought it) and I can't find the tag anymore.

(The featherbed seemed a bit shorter, too -- but I figured that was my imagination -- at least that one had a tag on it from the correct manufacturer.)

I had my neighbor take a look at it (she knows my comforter well -- what with having washed it for me every time it got puked on) and she agrees.  It isn't my comforter.

The problem is ... ok, there's two problems.  Problem one is: once the cleaner figures out the mistake (or has it brought to their attention), they'll have to clean both comforters before returning them to their rightful owners, and I'll be out a comforter for another week.

Problem two is:  I like this comforter better.  I think Jasmine does too.  Maybe that's why she slept there last night -- it wasn't me, it was the nice fluffy new comforter with extra stuffing and not nearly as many claw marks on it.

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memes121 said...

Quick, delete this entry and it will be like it never happened. It's your comforter.