Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adventures in Mis-Marketing, Part One

My condo listing expired recently.  It had been up there for six months without a sale, so it seemed time to get a new agent.

The day after the listing expired, several agents phoned me, seeking my business.

It got so annoying, I started screening calls.  This didn't really work.  As soon as they'd hear the machine click on, they'd hang up.  Then they'd try calling again when they'd be sure I'd be home.  Like at 8:00 in the morning.  This did not endear them to me.

I changed my answering machine message -- in the hope that it might deter some of them.  It said, "If you are a real estate agent seeking my business, please be advised that I do not respond well to cold calls.  Please put together an individualized marketing plan and send it to me.  If I like what I see, I'll call you for an interview."

This may have actually gotten through to a few of them (see Adventures in Mis-Marketing, Part Three, which I am soon to write).  Nonetheless, they kept calling.

Few would take "no" for an answer, so I had to elevate my level of rudeness.


"Hello.  May I speak to [my name here]?"

"This is [my name here]."  Sigh.  It's a real estate agent wanting my listing.

"Hello, [my name here].  This is [his name here] from [real estate company].  I've seen that your listing just expired and I'd like to talk to you about why your condo didn't sell."

"I'm sorry, [his name here].  I'm not interested in you taking over my listing.  Thanks very much."  Starting to hang up now.

"Where are you looking to move when you sell your condo?"

"I said I'm not interested in hiring you.  I'm late for work now.  Goodb--"

"I have a lot of experience in selling units that haven't sold before."

"Listen.  I'm trying to be polite here, but now you're just annoying me.  I said I'm not going to hire you.  I'm hanging up now."

I've also made a mental note to hire anyone from that company either.  Thank you for playing.

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