Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adventures in Mis-Marketing, Part Two

... and this is why I'm not hiring anyone from Coldwell Banker.

It dawned on me that these phone calls were a violation of the Do Not Call law.  I mean, I'm on the do not call list.  And these are not people I've done business with before.  They are just random agents soliciting my business. 

I did a little bit of googling to see if there was some Real Estate Agent exception I didn't know about, but, no, there isn't.  These calls violate the federal Do Not Call law.  I thought I'd point this out when the next one called.


"Hi, [my name here].  This is Sunshine [seriously, her name is Sunshine] from Coldwell Banker.  I'd like to talk to you about your listing."

"Hi Sunshine.  Um, you know, I'm on the Do Not Call list, so this call is a violation of that law."

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I must be working from an old list."

Bull poop.  I've been on the Do Not Call list for years, but I figured I'd allow Sunshine her lie.  Sunshine did not, however, hang up.

"Well, as long as I've got you on the phone, I'd like to ask you about marketing your condo."

Ohhh.  This is Sunshine's standard procedure.  I can envision the Coldwell Banker Interoffice Memo.  "If they say they're on the Do Not Call list, tell them you're working off an old list and then ask to talk to them anyway, as long as you've got them on the line."

But Sunshine isn't the reason I'm not marketing with Coldwell Banker.  The reason I'm not marketing with Coldwell Banker is this guy.  (This guy is ALSO the reason why there's now a pen next to my phone.)


"Hello, [my name here.]  This is [guy who's name I couldn't write down 'cause I couldn't find a pen], calling from Coldwell Banker."

"Hi.  Listen, I'm on the Do Not Call list.  This call is a total violation of that."

"Really?  Do you know what the fine is?"

I do.  I came across it in my Does This Apply To Real Estate Agents research.

"Eleven thousand dollars.  So I'd appreciate it if you just--"

"Go ahead and report me."


"I've never heard of any Real Estate Agent ever being fined under the law.  So go ahead and report me."

Dick.  I'd like to.  I can't find a pen to write down his name and number.  Hell, I'd report him AND I'm sue him just for the practice.

He continues with the "as long as I've got you on the phone" business. 

I stop him and say, "I've already told you I think this call is a violation of Do Not Call.  Why are you still talking to me?"

"Because I know I can do such a good job in selling your condo, I'm willing to risk the fine."

What an astonishing load of crap!

I say, "Why on earth would you think I'd want to give my business to you?" and hang up.

I still regret not taking down his name and number to report him.

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