Sunday, August 10, 2008

Memo to Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain

Hi Ladies.

Barring something untoward, one of you will be the next First Lady of the United States.  And you will hold that position during the winter Olympics in Vancouver and the summer Olympics in London -- and perhaps the next set as well.

And you'll be invited to attend the Opening Ceremony, and they'll give you a really good seat, too.

If you go ... and, honestly, this doesn't apply only to the Opening Ceremony, but rather to any public event where you're representing the United States ... please just assume that a TV camera is on you at all times, 'k?

I mention this because (and I'm so sorry I'm not set up to do a screen grab from my TV), when the camera cut to Laura Bush during the Parade of Nations, it caught her not-so-surreptitiously checking her watch.

(Like she had another commitment she had to make?  Had to get back to the hotel to find out who got booted on "So You Think You Can Dance?" this week?)

Look.  There's a lot of nations out there, and a parade thereof can get a bit lengthy -- I won't deny that.  And I'm not saying the First Lady is obligated to stand up and dance around for all the nations (although a bunch of Chinese cheerleaders managed it), nor to even applaud for every one as they go by (although it might be nice).

But as an unelected yet nonetheless official representative of these here United States of America, I think it's important not just that you treat other nations with a level of dignity, but that you be seen doing so at all times.  Y'know, set an example for the rest of us.  I think that's traditionally been the job of the First Lady.  To sit there at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and at least pay attention when the athletes from other nations walk past you. 

So please do me a favor, Michelle or Cindy.  When you're out there in your awesome free seat to the Olympic Opening Ceremony, remember that you're still on the clock.  You won't be getting that awesome seat because you paid for it -- you'll be getting that awesome free seat for no other reason than that you're the First Lady of the United States.  Represent, OK?

Thank you.

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naperdillygirl said...

Great entry, although sorry to say I don't know that Michelle is the least bit prepared for that title.  Maybe not Cindy either.  I don't know if either of them own a watch or knows how to read it, but in any event......I'm sure NoBama will have a Hollywood schedule far too busy for the mundane practice of the Olympics. :( N.